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Things I need my white friends to know:


  1. I don’t need to tan. Someone already made sure I was cooked to perfection when I was born.Β 
  2. I don’t do camping. I don’t know if you know this, but Black people like me just don’t do that “At one with nature” shit. Nature can kiss my ass. If a bear comes, I will not play dead, I will straight up Usain Bolt on your ass.Β 
  3. Don’t ask my opinion on certain things just to get a Black point of view because I will fuck with you and say something that will get you shot.
  4. No I do not like Lil Wayne and his trail of idiots. If you ask me if I like Drake, I will ask you if you’d like to be punched in the fucking throat with an ax.Β 
  5. It’s ok to ask me about my hair, it’s not ok to just run your lily white fingers through my hair or pull it to see if it’s real. I will go to jail and you will be 10 feet under.Β 
  6. I don’t fuck with Taylor Swift. That bitch is saltier than a mother fucka and I bet she has ain’t shit pussy, hence all the shitty relationships.Β 
  7. You can’t say the word Nigga no matter what. I will not help you if a real nigga pop the trunk on yo ass. I will fade in to the background and be a witness but I won’t snitch.
  8. We all don’t eat watermelon, grape drank, fried chicken, red kool aid, grits, or any of that. Offer it to me and I will offer you some bland ass chicken and water with a lemon in it.Β 
  9. We do NOT fuck with real haunted houses. Even if we’re not very religious, we still won’t go inside. Do you KNOW what happens to Black people in the movies? Nigga ALWAYS dies first *Only exception being Brandy in I Know What You Did Last Summer but her career died so it’s still counts*. We don’t fuck withΒ seancesΒ or any of that. They dead for a reason, messing with the dead will get you dead. Stap that.
  10. that’s about it. Don’t do any of that stuff and we’re good. Oh and don’t do Blackface. Shit ain’t cool. No matter what.Β 

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Posted on Thursday, 18 October
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