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Lao Advice for Falangs #2

Hey, we know you backpackers love to trek around Southeast Asia (especially Laos), on an adventure! And even more when you stumble upon the sleepy (well, used to be-) town of Vang Vieng, once a place famous for its scenery and limestone caves and ecotourism - Transformed into a party town nearly overnight. 

I hope you are aware the party town reputation is literally making Laos a place for drug trafficking, tourists drunken deaths, and the destruction of the lively hood of locals. It was even so bad once, around 2012-2013 the government shut down Vang Vieng bars to prevent these disasters and deaths from occurring. There is so much more issues that is at play here, but let the pictures tell the story. 

And no, you’re not helping our country’s economy with your grateful gift of tourism. You’re destroying the town’s and overall, country’s livelihood. Of course, we don’t mind visitors at all. We are happy to welcome people. Just don’t act disrespectful and ignorant.

This is so important and deserves way more notes and coverage

According to the TVD trailers, everyone is getting a WOC love interest…. well Stefan and Enzo. I’m a little geeked. Just a little.


you can just tell that Nicki Minaj is the kind of person that when you’re telling a story and everyone else in the group is talking over you, she’s making direct eye contact with you and paying extra attention so that you don’t get discouraged and stop mid-story

If you aren’t black and you’re inviting your Black girlfriend over for a family gathering or bbq or something else equally important, let ya family know what’s up from the jump. Yeah, it shouldn’t matter that she’s a little different from you, racially speaking, but you know how some people like to act. Let them know it’s ok to ask about her hair but it’s not ok to ask why it grows a certain way. It’s ok to ask her opinion on something because you honestly want to know her opinion and not because she’s the first black person you’ve ever spoken to aside from your favorite math teacher. Let them know that they can be themselves around her otherwise she’ll feel uncomfortable. Don’t act like Tyler Perry is the messiah and Taylor Swiftis the devil unless that’s what you really think. Changing your opinion to what you “think” she wants you to think will let her know you aren’t respecting her enough to accept your different views. Let them know she’s just like everyone else and to treat her like everyone else. That is all.

I’m all for interracial relationships and shit but don’t you dare bring Stefano/Javier/Bashir/Niko to a cookout without teaching him the basic proper Black cookout guidelines. If he doesn’t know at least two full lines to “Love and Happiness” he’ll be shunned. If he can’t do the electric slide or play cards, you will be shunned. If he doesn’t get at LEAST two plates aside from his take home plate, you might as well never go there again.