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I hope this nigga brings my cheesy bean and rice burritos. I’m not fuckin around. It’s almost 3am. I bets have my shit before the place closes.

I hate when I see posts like “I’m only dating (insert race) because there’s a limited amount of people like me around my area.”

I feel like you aren’t even interested in the person you’re with. You’re just with them out of convenience.

It’s SO wild how people will straight up defend a everybody ass nigga. The same nigga who fuckin their friend, cousin, and sister but continue to let that fool disrespect them. He ain’t yo nigga, he’s everybody nigga. He’s “our” nigga. He’s the nigga every girl calls when they want to fuck because he never turns anyone down. He passing his dick around like communion fam. Do better for yourself or end up stuck.


Slumflower - A Short by Street Etiquette



F U T U R E   A R T   S C H O O L    D R O P    O U T 

Your fucking face is AMAZING

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I’m 5’10.

I’m 22.

I’m a 22 year old virgin.

I’m addicted to pandas.

I like to write.

I procrastinate school work.

I like guys people wouldn’t “generally” find attractive. Like he could look like Caesar from Planet of the Apes and still be the finest thing in the world to me.


Just made an instagram. I know I’m late and I have no idea hot to work this. Follow me. Lame_filipanda

My friend was like “imma come get you” and I was like iight bro…I swear if this nigga pull up in a fucking school bus imma lay on the ground and cry. He does shit like that so I’m nervous.


Hunny….listen to me. It’s THAT serious.

People on this weak ass site are so self entitled and straight up bullshitters. Acting like they knew some deep philosophical shit when they googled it an hour ago. Fuck out my face.