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Just made an instagram. I know I’m late and I have no idea hot to work this. Follow me. Lame_filipanda

My friend was like “imma come get you” and I was like iight bro…I swear if this nigga pull up in a fucking school bus imma lay on the ground and cry. He does shit like that so I’m nervous.


Hunny….listen to me. It’s THAT serious.

People on this weak ass site are so self entitled and straight up bullshitters. Acting like they knew some deep philosophical shit when they googled it an hour ago. Fuck out my face.

Dances that should go out of style: Dougie.

Dances that need to vibe the fuck back: Dick Slang.

Show me ya meat work pussy boi.


Only real 90s kids remember waking up in the middle of the night seeing girls gone wild commercials on your tv

"Yaaaaaaassssssss bitch! Fuck it up!" I scream loudly as I watch the lady at Wawa’s fix my sub. "She did the damn thing." I whisper to myself as a single tear drop rolls down my cheek.

F is fuck niggas who do stuff without you. U is for you weren’t aware. N is no fake friends who curve you all day long down in the no loyal-sea.


Americans Try Kpop Dance Moves: SHINee “Ring Ding Dong”

Should’ve picked Lucifer LOL

They were cute though.

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Iggy Azalea is starting to look like those alien roach things from Men In Black. :’(

HINA IS FUCKING W I L D! Somone come get her ass. Omg.

If my crush ever texted me I’d be like how the fuck did Daehyun get my number and can someone translate these messages and tell him to chill with the food emojis?